No it's not a joke. I just woke up, and I'm looking at Kotaku and an article caught my eye: "Red Dead Redemption Cast Members Reunite For a Live-Action Horror Movie". "Oh, ok" I said then rolled over sleeply...then I veered around again and let out a huge "WHAT?!?!?!". It turns out it is called From the Trailer to the Grave, and is directed by K. Harrison Sweeney (the voice of Irish). And it stars a bunch of other Red Dead Alum including: Steve J. Palmer and Brad Carter (Bill Williamson and Deputy Jonah respectively). And it also stars Rob Wiethoff, John Marston in the flesh. Now ever since the game came out I've been looking for him so this might be my chance. The movie is in production and has a teaser page for donations. You guys may want to donate if you have it. Why? I'll quote Kotaku for this one: "Because if you donate $100 or more you can get a personalised Red Dead Redemption answering machine message, that's why." I guess Rockstar bit them with the zombie bug and they want more!

Kotaku Article

Donation Website

We gotta help these guys raise some money! Give what you can! I will...right after I pay my car insurance!!!!

UPDATE 9.4.11: All of the $100 and $150 donation prizes have been clamed. They would've given you an answering machine message and a signed copy of Red Dead Redemption respectively....curse my brokeness. As of today they've raised $1,310 and have 18 more days to raise $5,000. Good luck guys!

Update 9.29.11: Sorry for not updating this in a bit school has been keeping me busy. Anyway they didn't make their $ 5,000 goal in time but don't fret! K. Harrison Sweeney seems to be a persestant guy, and has started a new collection on a different site with a goal of only $2,000 this time. And at the time of this writing they have $1,056 raised already! They have prizes for donations again so like before if you can spare it then contribute! They have 15 days left to raise the moolah! Good luck!

NEW donation site

UPDATE 10/15/11: Okay so with 3 hours left (at this time) and them still needing a far bit of money I don't think they are going to make it...again. So is this the end of the project? Will K. Harrison Sweeney get to make his movie? Can I see Rob in one of the teasers finally (this one is more for me actually)?! Tune in when I have more info! Same Red time! Same Dead channel!


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