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Challenge's Stuck!!!

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Hy im Spazz from Posse: Team (frl) and if have some problems.

First of all im a level 50 with 5 times prestige and i wanted to have all the trophies and challenges done,

to do this i needed a single player 100% finish, if have got them all but the last 4 wanted posters from West Elizabeth.

i can see the posters, accept them and do the mission but when i complete it and the game starts to save, they won't give me credits for it.

i completed it like 20 times but my records says its 4, can anyone clear this up for me??

Second in multiplayer there's a challenge call'd shotgun rider, it counts the milige youve done using a shotgun wagon.

my records says i have done 9.98 miles but it wont go up. anyone??

i hope R* can undoo this so i can claim my propper rewards

Greatings Spazz

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