Hy Im Spazz from Posse/ Team (frl) and if got a bit of a problem.

In Multiplayer there are challenges that involve doeing a bit of traveling with different means of transport.

You can check the progress of them in 2 ways

First : check youre Journal there are Boxes filling up with a red coler and when there full there done.

second : Check youre stats under the name travels and you can see the exact amount of milage.

Now here is my problem: i am level 50 5th prestige done single player 100 % and trying to get all the challenges in multiplayer

and im stuck with these:

1 Stagecoach traveler

In my stats i have done 250.51 mi As Driver and 250.26 mi By Stagecoach, but my Journal says Stagecoach Traveler Rank 3 and the box is halfway

2 Shotgun Traveler

I know now i can only get this one as a hitcher and not as driver (if i drive a shotgun there are no milage gaint)

Please if there is anyone who can help me get an answer place a note :(

i will write down my complete stats

Distance Traveled by Foot: 571.78 Mi

Distance Traveled By Horse: 795.45 Mi

Distance Traveled By Stagecoach: 250.26 Mi

Distance Traveled As Driver: 250.51 Mi

Distance Traveled Riding Shotgun: 20.69 Mi

Distance Traveled As Passenger: 5.42 Mi


Stagecoach Traveler Rank 3 (Box is halfway red)

Shotgun Traveler Rank 3 (Box is just started red)

Horse Traveler (Done)

Foot Traveler (Done)

Please Please R*'s Aid some wisdom

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