I was coming down from Tall Trees after a successful hunting spree I entered the great plains and just at the road north of the Serendity that leads to Blackwater with cliffs I encountered a pack of wolves, foxes, and rabbits so I decided to hunt and skin them while hunting I encountered a guy hogtied and I didn't even hogtie him so I picked him up and put him on my horse.

Now while heading to Blackwater I encountered the beauty and the wagon random encounter. I noticed that on the otherside of the road two of the wheels were standing upright. so while I was shooting at them this same breed of horse as the one I owned came with a saddle with nobody riding it with a hogtied person on the back of it who was the same character model I didn't follow cause I just wanted the giltchness to end. So I went back to heading to Blackwater.

While going back to Blackwater a cougar attacked my horse killing the horse and maybe the hogtied person. I killed the cougar and a constant wolve pack spawning happening with the occasional spawning of cougars boars started spawning too. I managed to skin allot of cougars and get even more wolf skins then I had when hunting in Tall Treees and I got myself a few boar skins aswell I also kept on using deeds to save my progress because I knew the possiblity of getting killed was high especially with cougars around when all my medicines were being used.

At the end I eventually ended I got killed by a cougar. I ended up respawning in the blackwater saloon. When I went back to the same spot hoping a few corpses didn't despawn they were not there. I went back to the location with the beauty and the wagon random encounter took place and found the two broken off wheels standing upright.

The rest of that days playthrough wasn't as eventful a part from the minor giltch. I just want to know did this kind of giltch happen to you. Sorry if my grammer and spelling is a bit off.

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