LOL last night I was playing with a posse who went to macfarlenes ranch. I was stranded in chuparosa. Surrounded. I just took out my bolt action rifle and nailed the head of one guy in chuparosa and I dead-eyed the other one, who chased me. We had another confrontation in Las Hermanas, where I became public enemy. Then I found out that the posse was having trouble in America, but Butter Bridge had a 4 member posse on it, so I had to travel past Fort Mercer. Unfortunately, there was a 5th legend ranked person in there. He chased me down to Rio Del Lobo, where he fell off the cliff, due to my trickery. Then I found out that the two member posse from chuparosa were approaching Plainview. I had to make it to macfarlenes, and fast.

I rode as fast as I could to Armadillo, where there was ANOTHER two member posse. I had to shoot them up. Luckily, they stayed in Armadillo then they respawned, so they held up the posse that was chasing me. The posse in chase just dynamited them after getting killed by them once. The leader of the posse was giving chase, since his henchman was going to macfarlenes through pikes basin. A bolt action shot went into my horse, killing it.

It's curtains for me, I thought. I holstered my weapon. He rode up to me and took out a knife. "I wanna kill you slow. Move, and I'll shoot you." Just as he was approaching me, a carcano shot pierced his skin! I looked up to mescalero to see my posse leader up there. He whistled for his horse and I took it, since I was a higher priority.

After half an hour, my public enemy status was still going strong. But then the posse from butter bridge came to macfarlenes. They were all the highest rank. It was bloodshed for the next hour and when I was riding to Thieves Landing, one of the legends gave chase and shot me through the head. He went up to my dead body and tomahawked it in the face. AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...We had a power cut. :[

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