We are THE_MOST_HATED posse, the two founders of the posse are THE_MOST _HATED01 and THE_MOST_HATED72.My apologies for all the shouting on my first post but hey you got to get noticed some how. We hang out at Macfarlanes so if you want a good match roll on over no gltching as you will be kicked, only fair as we have come across some fantastic players only to see them have their ass kicked by glitchers, we prefare fighting REAL players with skill. We have our enemies MOST HATED, MEXICAN ARMY,THE UNFORGIVEN, these are but a few. The main players in our posse are THE_MOST_HATED74,82,89,68,99,22,94, We have no hierarchy everyone is equal no rules no orders just game play battle who you will.

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