Hello there, users, administrators, and IP adresses.

A new set of rules concerning the Posse Pages has gone into effect. You are allowed to make a Posse still, and an admin will come along to protect it so that it cannot be edited by IP adresses or new users.

This may cause you to be unable to edit your own posse page until the wiki believes you are not a "new user" anymore. If you have any edits you wish to make, contact me or another administrator.

Obviously, it is not allowed to edit any posse that is not yours, and such actions will be dealt with via an immediate block.
Oh, and people, if you make a posse page. Be sure to use the create posse page button on the posse page list. And do not write inside of the {{PAGENAME}} That is supposed to be there. You are supposed to leave it alone.

If anyone has any questions, let me know. I'll be happy to respond.


To anyone, anonymous users are not only dissalowed from editing the pages, all posse pages are now automatically protected when you make them, so you don't have to wait for an admin to come on to edit it/protect it. Isn't that sweet?

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