To all of our friendly users.

All of you, obviously, want more and more dead-eye in Red Dead Redemption. But after shooting your in-laws over and over again. And maybe even some out-laws. Or just the plain ol' law, you'll find that your Dead Eye feels a little... drained. And you didn't want to fork over extra money for the special edition to get those sweet Pre-order Bonuses. Or maybe you found a cheaper store that didn't have any extras? Well, have no fear! The only thing you do is collect the scraps and build yourself a nice ol' Deadly Assassin Outfit.

You want one? It's simple. Just make an account, log in, and leave a comment on this here blog.

Don't be shy now, only one person can be the winner!
This giveaway closes at 25-5-2010 23:59 GMT+1. All comments after that time will not be legible to win the Deadly Assassin outfit. If you are the winner, you will be contacted before 27-5-2010 20:00 GMT+1.

So, I'll be expecting to hear from all of you.

Obviously, due to the nature of this contest, the following people can not enter

  • Wiki Staff
  • Wiki Helpers
  • Red Dead Wiki Admins
  • Red Dead Wiki Vandals

I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is.

The winner will be determined and contacted like stated in the the rules up there.

Up there ^

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