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  • TeslaRaptor

    We have our 3 winners, but only one of them will get the guns. The code has been sent to PhobiaOne, RedDeadKF, and Desolar. Who will validate the code first, and receive the shiny new equipment?

    We're sorry, but no War Horse giveaway for now, you'll have to find a regular 3-star horse in the game. But don't be sad, there... may be... something new in a while. Keep checking the wiki for news is our advice.

    • The Red Dead Wiki Crew
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  • TeslaRaptor

    You thought this was over? Well, you thought wrong!

    The RedDead Wiki is giving away a second code, this one used for transforming 2 single-player weapons into solid gold: the Cattleman Revolver and the Repeater Carbine. These guns will give you twice the amount of fame when used, making it easier to become a true legend of the west. Not only that, but these shiny guns also look great.

    All you have to do is create an account on the wikia, or log-in to your account, and simply leave a comment on this blog post. But here's the catch: We'll select 3 winners who are given the code. The person who enters and validates it first receives the golden guns!

    Duplicating account will remove your chance of winning, as we don't like cheaters.

    Obviously, due to…

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  • TeslaRaptor

    That's right. Red Dead Redemption is about to be released and the reviews will start flooding in today. Keep an eye out for the major websites, and check out the review collection on

    A couple of magazine reviews have already been found, and they look promising. With an average of 95% while I am writing this, and not a single review with a score lower than 90%, things sure are looking good.

    Now, we also see this in the massive amount of activity, especially during this last week before the release of Redemption, which makes this a very busy time for the admins. Please hang in there while we try to keep everything nice and clean, and if you spot a vandal, try to report him/her to us and we'll do our very best to remove him from t…

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  • TeslaRaptor

    The new multiplayer trailer has been released, and can be viewed here. It shows various game modes, informs you about golden weapons and challenges, and more.

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  • TeslaRaptor

    Since wednesday, 3 users have been promoted to Sysop. The users are Tiktaalik, Raadec, and TNT LotLP. Seeing the wikia suddenly grow with incredible speed has motivated me to spend more time here, to improve and expand. I hope the 3 new sysops think the same, and I am looking forward to see what the wikia looks like when the game is released!

    TeslaRaptor | User | Talk | 14:12, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

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