That's right. Red Dead Redemption is about to be released and the reviews will start flooding in today. Keep an eye out for the major websites, and check out the review collection on

A couple of magazine reviews have already been found, and they look promising. With an average of 95% while I am writing this, and not a single review with a score lower than 90%, things sure are looking good.

Now, we also see this in the massive amount of activity, especially during this last week before the release of Redemption, which makes this a very busy time for the admins. Please hang in there while we try to keep everything nice and clean, and if you spot a vandal, try to report him/her to us and we'll do our very best to remove him from the wiki.

We're very proud with the enormous amount of activity, and the 400+ articles we have right now. We would like to thank all of our contributors, and of course the wikia helpers who gave us many help.

Towards a thousand articles!

-- The Red Dead Wiki Crew

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