• TheJustinAllenK

    Rockstar Games had finally revealed of the storyline, it starts out when John Marston finds his wife possessed. Making him search all over the frontier looking for a cure. Announcing the new zombies, it also states Bigfoot is confirmed but instead is called Sasquatch. watch the video by going to but be aware, your in for a really cool scare. (Fail rhyming) :)

    Boater - Be aware of this zombie. It will jump and leap at you until you are dead on the ground with a mob of zombies eating at your flesh. :)

    Recher - This zombie vomits toxic goo at you and will 'eat you alive'.

    Bruiser - A zombie that will bash into anything that blocks its path for blood.

    Another item added is finding missing people. Save them and the family will be …

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