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aka black Science Man, CHARLI MASH

  • I live in In the hearts and anal cavities of all those who believe in the true savior Raptor Jesus.
  • My occupation is Hero of the Galaxy
  • I am All gender tree, antelope, and evan a Blue Panhths
  • The Dopest Skeletor


    December 14, 2015 by The Dopest Skeletor

    I have a story of an encounter that I never told any one

    I was close to finding one in Tall Trees once back in 2011 w/ some pals we tracked it down from a bunch of clues on the Map and quotes of N.P.C's I don't know what exactly they said I am posting this in 2015 and I forgot a lot of the clues but it led us to a clearing out in Tall Trees where the trees were in an oval around us and their were at least 3 stones lined around randomly 2 of which were close to each other 1 big and 1 small and sat at the base of the oval over it were a lot of trees the 3rd stone I think was in the center or a couple of clicks from the center I should note it was a full moon and it was night

    The clearing from what I can remember was east-south of Cochiany and …

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