The Marshal of the undead

  • I was born on October 17
  • I am Male
  • The Marshal of the undead

    Me and my friend, MagiMo99, were looking for bears. After we had killed enough, we stopped by Tanner's Reach to have a break, and we were greeted by a cougar. MagiMo was killed and I made a dash for the cabin (killing the cougar). I was trapped by 5 cougars. MagiMo and I killed them and he joined me in the cabin. After 10 minutes, MagiMo had a bright idea. He killed us both with Dynamite and we respawned in Cochinay. I did what Dutch van der Linde did and jumped off the cliff. I don't know how, but I respawned in Tanner's Reach...

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  • The Marshal of the undead

    1. Go to Aurora Basin.

    2. Keep on walking straight through the water (it only goes up to waist height).

    3. When the player gets to land, you are outside the Map!

    You can take a Mount through the water.

    One Violet Snowdrop grows outside the map.

    There is also a Train tunnel which goes throgh the Redemption Mountains, but not over them.

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