Ok people,

there has been a lot of Modern Warfare 2 vids about camping spots, well RDR has some camping stops of its own.

In Armidilo, there are multiple camping spots. On the top of the train station, on the saloon, and on the transport station. In Tumbleweed, you can hide in the mansion, shot and use the sawed off shotgun to kill the players running in the mansion. That is the only one i think. In MacFarlene Ranch, there is the top of the barn, the General Store and use the same strategy as the mansion in Tumbleweed, and on top of the Sheriff Office. In Deiz Coloenz, the most used capture the bag place, there is no camping spots. In that hideout in Mexico with the wall around it, has the camping spots on the corners when the people run right through the middle to get the bag, and in the ruins of buildings. In Las Hermanas, the spots are really on top of the buildings. In Chuporasas, the "spot" is on the roof with the wall around it.

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