Hey guys,

I have been looking at other wikis lately and i think there should be a user of the month program. There are alot of great editers that should be recognized, which could also be a badge. Some of you might think "great, just what we need another popularity contest" but i think people deserve it for all the work put into this page. Some of the rules would be:

  • User must have made at least 50+ main page edits.
  • User must not have been the User of the Month before.
  • User must not have had a temporary ban.
  • User should be mature and responsible in their interactions with other users.
  • Users cannot nominate themselves for this position.
  • Nominator will make the nomination as detailed above.
  • Users cannot vote oppose.
  • Votes will be cast below the nominated of the user's choice.
  • Comments are optional
  • Use numbers (#)
  • Nominations must been signed.
  • Only one user can be voted for.

Please comment what you think?


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