• Tiktaalik

    Rejoice! Rockstar has released the online co-op mission pack today for Xbox360 and Playstation3 today!

    New challenges, new achievements and a whole lot of fun!

    Download your copy from XBL or PSN, and let's star fillin' that scum with lead!

    Find out more here.

    Happy hunting!

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  • Tiktaalik

    Policy Updates!

    June 11, 2010 by Tiktaalik

    The Red Dead Wiki has just undergone a Policy update! All active editors and encouraged to read over these new changes and incorporate them in their future projects.

    Specific attention should be payed to the new sections on Images and Chronological Canon.

    We encourage active editors to give constructive feedback on these and any future policy changes.

    Enjoy the game!

    Red Dead Wiki Team
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  • Tiktaalik

    Mr. Archer Fordham, the new generation of government agent, poised to take over the helm of federalism after an aging Edgar Ross calls it quits. Fordham shows few qualms when following Ross' lead in abducting Marston's family. He shows no hesitation to shoot and kill during the confrontation aboard the Wreck of the Serendipity and no fear when throwing himself onto the breach during the assault on Van Der Linde's stronghold.

    Even when Ross is diving into a diatribe against the old west, condemning Marston for his increasingly anachronistic lifestyle, and advocating the miracles (nay bondage?) of technology; Archer humbly agrees and reinforces Ross' own pontifications. He is portrayed a pragmatic and intelligent man, but also with more human…

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  • Tiktaalik

     I'm about 75% done the single-player game at this point and hadn't even tried the multiplayer yet. Wow, i'm really stunned at how much fun it is. I now have all these new challenges and achievements to work towards, in addition to hundred percenting the singleplayer.

     This game is gonna keep me glued to my couch for weeks!

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