• TinMan1326

    Arrogance of Red Dead

    December 22, 2011 by TinMan1326

    There are so many people/clans on Red Dead Redemption that has their heads stuck so far up each others a**, Its not even funny. Take the clan RC for example, I joined their game today and I killed RC Irish Reaper one time, and him and his 'boys' spawn killed me until I literally rage quitted. I mean, he could have been cool about it and said something like, "I am going to kill this guy that just killed me" but instead he started screaming in his mic and told all of his guys to kill me and everytime I went to say something he would be like "da da da da". I mean really?, grow the f*** up. In short, I believe everyone needs to realize that Red Dead Redemption is only a game and they need to stop taking everything so serious.

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