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    February 25, 2012 by Tomessi666

    Characters: Nigel West Dickens, Vincente de Santa, Agustin Allende, Espinoza, Abraham Reyes, American Army Captain, Edgar Ross

    Gangs: Walton's Gang, Mexican Army, U.S. Army, Bureau of Investigation

    Posse: Mexican Army

    Missions: Justice in Pike's Basin, Empty Promises, An Appointed Time, And The Truth Will Set You Free

    Protagonist: John Marston

    Antanogist: Edgar Ross

    Towns: Escalera, Torquemada, Manzanita Post, Blackwater

    Locations: Tall Trees, Diez Coronas

    Territory: Nuevo Paraiso

    Gang Hideouts: Twin Rocks, Gaptooth Breach, Nosalida

    Safehouse: Manzanita Post

    Animals to hunt: Bear, Elk

    Revolvers: LeMat Revolver, Double-Action Revolver

    Pistols: Mauser Pistol, High Power Pistol

    Trowables: Dynamite, Fire Bottle

    Sniper rifles: Carcano Rifle

    Repeaters: Evans Re…

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