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  • TonyPrinceGTA

    The Guinness World Record for non-stop gaming has been broken by six plucky Dutch gamers. Edward and Maykel Leest from Boxmeer and Hengelo, Sven de Vries from Lelystad, Renzo Bos from Baarlo, Robbie van Eijkeren from Middelburg and Marcel van Waardenburg from Amsterdam played Rockstar's western epic Red Dead Redemption for 50 hours straight to smash the record.

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  • TonyPrinceGTA

    Damn It!

    July 17, 2010 by TonyPrinceGTA

    I am so stupid!! I had an 100% completed game but I was bored so I started a new game and well the most annoying thing happened and think everybody has been there on any game, when you accidentally save over a good game!!!!

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  • TonyPrinceGTA


    June 26, 2010 by TonyPrinceGTA

    Hay Everybody Hows everyone?

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