• Traxincron

    Tesoro Azul

    July 30, 2011 by Traxincron

    Ok, so recently, I've taken an interest in learning about different NPC's in singleplayer (for fun, just to see what THIER time in the west pertains of), and the other day, I was playing Tesoro Azul (Single player) gang hideout, and I came across, what I believe is the first, and only woman criminal in the game.

    She had black hair, to match her charcoal dress outfit, with a slash of red in their too. I can't recall if she was wearing a sombrero, but she's hard to miss. I searched for a while under minor characters on this wiki, and couldn't get any leads as to who she might be. Does anyone know?

    On a side note, pertaining to the multi player gang hideout aspect of Tesoro Azul, isn't it fun to get hit with a throwing knife, live, and walk aro…

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  • Traxincron

    Hello! So, I've purchased both the Undead Nightmare and Liars and Cheats DLC packs, but in order to keep myself interested in Red Dead Redemption (Until this last, unknown DLC comes out) I was thinking about buying the legends and killers pack, mainly because of my interest in playing as the characters, but would you say there's enough content in the pack to make it worth $10.00? I would greatly appreciate all feedback towards my question!

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