ok so today on myth busters the famous bigfoot in the normal red dead redemption ok so me and some buddys where doing investigating and these are what we heard: no bigfoot in normal RDR and any other dlc exept undead nightmare but its still looks like the awnser isnt revield, the things we found out are in the last section


ok so heres what we did: we split up into three groups called:mexico,new austin and west elizebeth the group is called after the place to search in and there was 4 people in each group. Now we had to search in all the locations on the map starting from tall trees and west elizebeth then new austin and the hanging rock and last place we searched was mexico. we found some clues but not enough they are listed in the last section too.


west elizebeth

tall trees: brown looking thing but possibly a bear or elk,low pitched sounds not like in undead nightmare possibly a bear from far away.means maybe somthing in there

broken tree:nothing

bearclaw camp:brown thing walking possibly the big native or a bigfoot

nekoti rock:BEARS!!

rest of west elizebeth:everything normal




diez coronas: something big and brown but i dont know what the heck it is

punta orgullo:nothing


need more people for new austin comment please and send me a message if you want to help the hunt please

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