It was a clear day in Blackwater. Landon Ricketts had ridden into town almost a week before. He and his friend, Louis, were having a drink in the Blackwater saloon. Minutes later, 5 men walked into town. Frank Mercer, Joseph Rolland, Keith Ramsey, Robert White, and David Smith. A man was standing in the street, with fear in his eyes. Ramsey pulled out a revolver from his holster, pulled back the hammer, then fired at the civilian, hitting him in the chest. Ricketts and his friend, heard the gunshot, along with screams of other civilians. The two ran outside. The 5 men saw Landon and Louis running outside. It was a standoff. Everyone kept their hand close to their gun. White, one of the outlaws, started moving his hand toward his revolver. He then took it out. Before Robert could get a shot off, 3 bullets from Louis and Ricketts came toward him. He was hit once in the hip, twice in his chest. White slumped down on the cobblestone road. This started the shoot out. All the men fired. Louis ran to cover, and so did Ricketts. Ricketts fired his pistol toward Frank Mercer. Mercer was hit in the leg, still alive. But, Louis fired another shot that hit him in the heart, killing him. That left 3 men. The police was running over to help. David Smith fired at Ricketts. He was hit in his thigh. Landon screamed. As he was bleeding, he got the strength to shoot David. One bullet missed. But the other hit Smith in the head. All that Ricketts could hear were the screams of lawmen. When he regained consciousness, It was only 2 minutes later. The lawmen were having a deadly shootout with more than 10 outlaws. Citizens, lawmen, and outlaws all lay dead on the street. A man came from behind Ricketts, with a shotgun. Landon turned around and fired two shots. The man fell down with a thud. He then saw his friend, dead on the street. Tears came out of his eyes. The gunshots have stopped. Ricketts walked over to what was left of mainstreet. 3 outlaws were still standing there. Landon, fanning the hammer, took all 3 out quickly. It was over. The newspaper reported 17 outlaws killed, and 13 lawmen killed. They never even mentioned the citizens. Civilian losses were 27 dead. Landon Ricketts became legendary, being one of the only men that fought and survived. He had killed 6 men, and had lost his best friend. This day would be remembered. Right up until the day he died, he did. Also, he thought about the man he met 3 years ago. Landon knew he died, but also knew that he would go down in history, just like him.

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