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    Basically, after my Jack Marston kills Edgar Ross at the end of "Remember My Family" he sort of "retires" down south in Nuevo Paraíso, spending much of his time in and around Escalera, where he does normal stuff like drink at cantinas, play some Blackjack, other than that he hunts bounties and helps the locals in general. He does sometimes travel around, mostly between Chuparosa and Casa Madrugada, but sometimes north of the border as well.

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  • Wardie1993

    RDR Enhanced?

    September 11, 2015 by Wardie1993

    Who else thinks Rockstar should do an "enchanced" version of RDR like the did with GTA 5 for the newest consoles, I mean the graphics in RDR were amazing for 2010, and still are, how epic would they be in next-gen HD?

    A few possible additions in RDR Enhanced:

    • First Person mode, Rockstar has proven that they can do a first person mode effectively, a first person RDR would be in a similar vein to Call of Juarez, another game series I love.
    • Updated robberies, possibly using either GTA 5's intimidation system or a similar system, maybe the longer you can intimidate the shop keeper, the more money he will give you.
    • Train robberies included into multiplayer, as was originally planned.
    • A few extra mounts
    • A few extra weapons
    • A few extra costumes

    Who else t…

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  • Wardie1993

    Can't find a lobby?

    June 17, 2015 by Wardie1993

    I've been trying to get back onto RDR MP, but I can't get into free roam, it just loads, and that's it, I've heard other players whilst on the loading screen, but I can't seem to get into the lobbies, am I trying at the wrong time of day, or something? Does anyone know if something's up with the servers?

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  • Wardie1993

    i'd love to see an RDR 2, but I wonder what the story could be, personally I'd like to one set in the modern day, say 2011/2014, you could play as Jack's great-grandson or something, for some reason I wouldn't mind seeing the difference between the RDR world of 1911/1914 and 2011/2014

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  • Wardie1993

    RDR multiplayer is great and all, but I'd like to see a bit more in it, i know its a pipe dream, but still i would like to see these

    OK, the mounts are great in multiplayer, but you're a bit limited as to which mounts you can get, I would like to see a few more, such as the Tobiano Pinto.

    You can turn on and off golden guns whenever you want in single player, i'd like to be able to do that in multiplayer, just because I've unlocked a golden gun doesn't mean I want to be stuck with it, I might want to use the normal-coloured version sometimes!

    I do believe R* was planning on having little train robbery "missions" in free roam, I would like to do these, they sound like a good idea, and I'd also like to be able to ride trains like in single play…

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