Who else thinks Rockstar should do an "enchanced" version of RDR like the did with GTA 5 for the newest consoles, I mean the graphics in RDR were amazing for 2010, and still are, how epic would they be in next-gen HD?

A few possible additions in RDR Enhanced:

  • First Person mode, Rockstar has proven that they can do a first person mode effectively, a first person RDR would be in a similar vein to Call of Juarez, another game series I love.
  • Updated robberies, possibly using either GTA 5's intimidation system or a similar system, maybe the longer you can intimidate the shop keeper, the more money he will give you.
  • Train robberies included into multiplayer, as was originally planned.
  • A few extra mounts
  • A few extra weapons
  • A few extra costumes

Who else thinks that this would be a good idea?

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