I would like there be a DLC pack (free preferably) with these weapons:

  • Lee-Enfield and Lee-Metford - Two very useful rifles since both can fire 10 rounds before having to reload, that means it could be possible to kill 10 men before reloading, these guns was being used in 1911
  • Colt M1911 - this would be more accurate than the FN Model 1903
  • Mondragón rifle - Mexican semi-auto/full-auto/light machine gun battle rifle, entered service with the Mexican Army in 1899 and was in Mexican service until 1949.
  • Springfield M1903 - by 1911 this had already largely replaced the Krag-Jorgensen and Lee Navy rifles, by 1911 Krag-Jorgensen rifles could only be found in the National Guard and reserve Army units, most Army units using the M1903 Springfield, in 1910 through 1911 the Lee Navy was almost totally replaced by the M1903, being found only as Drill practice rifles until final absolute replacement in the 1920s.

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