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    Glitch, maybe?

    September 23, 2015 by WayfinderOwl

    I searched the glitches page, but found nothing.

    I made a new file on Red Dead Redemption. Everything was fine up until the mission On Shaky's Ground became available. Every time I complete a new mission, my horse is different. First time I whistled, a white and redish patched horse came. Then the second time it was a brown one. My horse should be the cream one that Bonnie gave me. I own no deeds. The only horse I ride is my own. I've not stolen or tried to break any wild ones.

    I try reloading, and that doesn't change anything. John is stood at a basic camp, with the incorrect horse. I have to go back to an old save before On Shaky's Ground, just to get my horse back. I only have about 200 dollars, so I can't buy the deed for the cream horse…

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