as most of you know the game of the year RDR is out. im going to tell on how i think of it.

RDR game of the year comes with ALL the DLC,duhh. any way the game is much better now because of all the new updates they put in it. like the people in the look more real then the non game of the year one. there are more missions in single player (because of the DLC, lol) more stuff in the game...well you get the idea.

now freerome is much better because they patched most of the i said most of them. undead overrun eh, still a littlebit bugged but it dosen't crash as much as it did in the last update and also sudden death is much better because zombies don't blow up at random and the spiting zombies don't have slime that blows up when it hits some thing. the update is also in the other RDR games that are non game of the year. here is my rating of the game of the year RDR its 9 out of 10 awesome. (because 9/10 its still a little buggish)

well there you go my short review of RDR game of the year. :)

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