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Private Space

No im not talking about smoking something, I am talking about * drum roll*!

Apparently Andy Thinks we are important enough to give us our own Private space now what does that mean?

  • We can Talk about anybody we want withouth them knowing! since it is Group protected by Wikia helpers/crew and Sysops.(im working on it if Regular edittors can get their own sub-section)
  • We can use it to Discuss important Matters, vandals, Policies and rules ( in short everything what TNT loves >.0)
  • And our own Posse section, for when the posse idea gets executed.

    Anyway im sorry if you are a normal edittor at the moment, we are still working at the permission masks


    P.s. If you still lack a propper Signature on You can find a Wikia signature on my user page!

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