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Turning in my admin status

WugHD2.0 November 8, 2010 User blog:WugHD2.0

As one of the starting members of this wiki it pains me to turn in my adminship, I've been here since the early days and together with the 3 Crats at that time we build this very wiki. And i must say it was a blast working on it, we always were one of the first and one of the most reliable sources of pre-release info out there, All compiled in one site.

I haven't been active since a long time, barely taking any effort just logging in or visiting how it looks nowadays. Thats when i found out i still held my admin status, So hereby i'm turning it in and let someone else possibly take my place.

I have to say Good job, the wiki really became a work of art, also its good to see TnT still works on it :)

Good luck and have fun guys, might be visiting it time to time.

Sincerely WugHD2.0(talk) 02:06, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

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