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  • XAnthonyZombiex

    I haven't posted anything new in quite some time but having just replayed the entire RDR storyline for my girlfriend it had me thinking. RDR is, as far as I'm concerned, the crowning achievement in R*'s game library. It's not the fanciest graphic wise, and the controls and glitches can become a bit frustrating when you first play it. But the game has a massive amount of mystery and an incredible ambience to it which is only made even better with the addition of Undead Nightmare. I truly wish they would make another entry in the series the way R* does with it's other franchises such as GTA. Maybe they could go back and make a game based on John's life before the start of RDR. Show him joining up with Dutch and following through his time wit…

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  • XAnthonyZombiex

    I love RDR it has to be my favorite game in a long time. The Undead Nightmare DLC is no exception. Although I feel it was far too short. It only took around eight hours for 100% completion as soon as I finished "on a pale horse". What I'm wondering is do any of you feel it should have more added to it? I had the idea that possibly R* could add an update for the main game with some new achievements and also make the chupacabra become a some what common animal in Mexico after you've killed the one for undead hunter 5. Similar to the sasquatch once you've killed or encountered the sixth during the stranger mission. Now here's where my idea came in. I thought what if they added achievements such as having to kill said number of sasquatch, said…

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