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  • XWilliam

    Dear Admins

    May 20, 2010 by XWilliam

    It has recently become apparent that my activity upon this forum has appeared as if i am boosting for achievements.

    Firstly, i would just like to defend myself in saying that no, i am not doing this.

    As an eager gamer i have literally nothing to do in my spare time untill i obtain RDR; as sad as this sounds it is true as all other games gave become obsolete.

    I have been playing on xbox live for well over 3 years now, and am incredibly adept at "boosting" achievements and would just like to make the point that if i wanted to boost the achievements on this wikia it is incredibly possible to do this in a short space of time; thus with my mass amount of free time it is very possible that my achievement count could be higher that it is had i wante…

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  • XWilliam

    Two days left!

    May 19, 2010 by XWilliam

    Damn im excited, its only two days until friday and i will have my copy of RDR :)

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  • XWilliam

    As an EU gamer i haven't got RDR yet (unlike the rest of the world),

    And i was just wondering what everyone else is looking forward too the most..

    For me, its got to be the online free mode thing with my posse, hunting and taking down gangs just sounds like days of fun :)

    Leave your interesting and creative responses in the comment section beeellowwwww =3


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  • XWilliam

    My friends and i have different ways of purchasing games; personaly i much rather walk into a shop and pay over the counter. This is really so i have it there and then.

    However, some friends i play with, and members of my Posse order there games online. As innocent as this is (and in some cases really useful if a store is out of copies) the problem is that people who order games offline tend to get them a day before release.

    I think this is a bit poop, as i like to play them and get a bit jelous that everyone is playing what i've been wanting play for a while.

    If anyone can shed some light on why they get it early then please do,

    It really confuses me lol =P


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  • XWilliam

    Helpful edits...

    May 18, 2010 by XWilliam

    Ive found some spare time today to edit some of the information in articles to make them slightly easier to read and get information from.

    Should anyone feel they are better in a different format then go crazy =]

    I just felt i should let you guys know im trying to make the information slightly easier to read and pick bits out =]


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