It has recently become apparent that my activity upon this forum has appeared as if i am boosting for achievements.

Firstly, i would just like to defend myself in saying that no, i am not doing this.

As an eager gamer i have literally nothing to do in my spare time untill i obtain RDR; as sad as this sounds it is true as all other games gave become obsolete.

I have been playing on xbox live for well over 3 years now, and am incredibly adept at "boosting" achievements and would just like to make the point that if i wanted to boost the achievements on this wikia it is incredibly possible to do this in a short space of time; thus with my mass amount of free time it is very possible that my achievement count could be higher that it is had i wanted it to be.

With regards to my amount of blog posts, article in puts and other such related items. My blogging habits are due to my large amount of time; much like the other day in which iwas waiting to go out and had NOTHING to do.

The articles i editted may have been bare but quite frankly, i wanted to add something and didn't have time to do a lot of research.

As of tomorrow you will see my activity pratically come to a stand still as i will spend all of my time playing the game.

I would like to apologise for simply trying to help; and aid the wikia community by bringing a sense of companionship to my blog posts and even if it was not much, a slight amount to my articles.

Kind regards.

Grand Theft Horsey.

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