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Whaat the Fuckk?

X Scarlet December 1, 2011 User blog:X Scarlet

If I remember Clearly, Red Dead was a glitch infested modded spawn death trapp !

Likee whaat the fuckk? After almost a year and several months later, you finally decide to fix that crapp upp ? ;; I promised myselff that I would NEVER sell Red Dead, cause it was the S-H-I-T (: Buut, there is SO MUCH drama nowadays on that game, that I allowed my big bro to sell itt ! ;;

What's up with Red Dead now ? Did they seriously, fix all that shit up ? Or did my friend lie to me ? I would so buy that game back in a single hearrt beaaat ! ;D

But theey should make another Red Dead cause I said sooo (:

I mean, It took me FOREVER to reach the last prestige && to graab that zebra donkeeyy (Which I named Tubby) ! I only had like a few weesk to savor the feeling of being the highest rank before dramaa came a long but anyway, I WANNA KILL MEEEHH SOMEE NOOBSS BITCCHHH <3

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