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    Xoo clan wiki

    February 26, 2012 by Xoo bro

    Who are the xoos? The xoos are a popular psn clan who are now recruiting?

    Leaders: Xoo_jo Xoo_bro

    Assassins: Xoo_pro

    Recruits: Xoo_so Xoo_yh

    How to join the Xoos? Create a new user account with capital X, 2 oo, _,any letter(s) and then o. For example, these would all work, Xoo_fo Xoo_lo Xoo_sto Xoo_yo Xoo_mo Xoo_no

    Also if you want to join with your old or new Xoo, send a friend request to a leader and state you want to join our clan and why!

    This is a new blog so pictures and videos will be added in the future!

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