Jonah finally arrived in Macfarlenes Ranch. He was greeted by Bonnie. Bonnie showed him around the new and improoved ranch. Deputies smoked and stared at him with an evil eye. Jonah was 15 when he became a Capt. Jonah was 17 and was a huge part in the Mexican Revoloution. Jonah went to bed at 8:30. Jonah woke at at 4:00, he got his work done at 8:00 when work was supposed to start. Bonnie and the deputies were impressed. Jonah worked for a week and then applied to be a deputy and give up being a farmer. He was shipped off to Armadillo for training week. He was supposed to spend a week with Marshal Johnson. The last day he packed up but all of a sudden he hears shots. He grabs his riffle and looks out the window. He saw that there had to be hundreads. Marshal worked his way through the line of deputies. Marshal sent a super fast letter to Macfarlenes Ranch for quick back up. Marshal stalled the gang. His name was, Dutch! When Jonah got outside he almost fell back. He hid in the back. 25 men from Macfarllenes Ranch were coming around back. They also managed to bring along 3 men that were federals from Blackwater. Dutch came forward. and said, " Hey, you got a man named Redson around here? " Jonah came out armed with a riffile. Dutch gave him a letter signed " Mother " Jonah read the letter and found out his father, Ivan has been missing for three months. He handed it to Johnson and all the deputies and federals raised their riffiles and knives. The hundreads of Dutch Boys raised their guns. They traded fires. Jonah was shot down hard. He bleed hard. He clutched his wound and crawled to cover. He saw a on coming carriage filled with deputies he crawled to it and asked the man to take him to Mexico. He was fine with his request. The men in the back cared for Jonahs wound. It took about 3 hours to get to Mexico. Jonah was dropped off at Chuporsa. it was the year 1910. Year of the revoloution. He made his way carefully to Joses shop. He fell through the door and Jose ran to him. " What is wrong my amigo!? " " I havent seen you in months! " Jonah bleed all over Joses floor and shoes. Jose thought The Army did this. But Jonah said he was in a federal vs gang shootout. Jose wrapped Jonahs wound in fear. He asked how he got here and survived. Jonah said he was brought in a carriage. Jonah said he would have a " New Beginning " In Chuporsa and find for Mexican Freedom. He went to his cottage in Mexico and laid there all night. TO BE CONTINUTED AS - Genesia of a New Beginning/ Part II

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