Jonah left the scene of the crime quickly. He headed to Chupporsa in look for a job. When he got there he was greeted by a band of rebels. The tried to take him off his horse but Jonah faught back. He punched the tall one, he kicked the younger one into the wall, and through the oldest one into the pen. The tall one came back at him and Jonah hit him with a shovel. The younger one got up and Jonah kicked him into a bunch of boxes and he got knocked out. Jonah walked into Chupporsa with pride. A man came over to him. His name was Leo. Leo told him to come behind a building with him. Jonah followed him. Leo asked him, " hey, there is a military convoy coming by. You must destroy it, it is headed for Las Hermanas, the military is thinking of taking it. You can either take out the convoy or come with me for The Invasion Of Las Hermanas. He chose to attack Las Hermanas. When they arrived on a tall hill nearby, the spotted peoples being chased out by the army. Jonah and Leo slowly lead 4 other rebels behind the wall. They quietly climbed over. Jonah meleed a nearby soldier. Leo put a box of TnT by the door to the room where a powerful man, Damien De Escuela was hiding. Jonah lead the gun powder out by the front door. He lit it up and waited to charge. When the room blew up, Leo yelled out " VIVA LA REVILOUTION!!!! " Jonah hid and shot the door and all of a sudden, a large cart came down the hill with a gatiling gun a man came up and starting firing at the soldiers. Jonah through fire bottles in the window while the men charged inside. Jonah walked into the meeting room to see Capt. Damien burned to death. ALRIGHT RAN OUT OF TIME, I WILL MAKE CHAPTER 9 PART II!

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