Chapter 1 - Whats Going On?

Jonah lived on a very small ranch in Blackwater. his fathers name was Ivan and mothers was Lisa. He was very curious about his fathers work all his life. one day a man came over. Ivan said to Jonah, " Stay in your room son, I got some buissness to take care of ". Jonah did not think much of it until he overheard the men talking. The mans name that came over was Dutch. They were talking about taking some land for their gang over on Manzatta Post. Jonah didn't think much more until another man came over with Dutch the next week. His name was Javier Escuela. They also talked about Manzatta Post. He began to worry, he went to his mother to talk about it. They left home right away. They left for Chupporsa. John Marston was asigned to kill Lisa. John Marston greeted them in Escalera before they could get to Chupporsa. But John said he would leave them. He said " Don't you be coming back anywhere near Tall Trees ya here?" Jonah lived in Chupporsa until he was 14 years old. They were smuggled into America that night he turned 14. They then settled in Macfarlenes Ranch. Bonnie was 14 at the time as well. They worked with a young man Amos. Jonah became very skilled in shooting, riding, lassoing, and herding. One day a group called The Bollard Twins rode into town. They were firing guns in the air, killing civilians. Jonah was scarred for life. When he became 18 he became a deputy. One day he saw dozens of Bollard Twins running into town armed with rifiles. They tryed to atttack but the deputies of Marshall Johnson and Macfarlenes Ranch charged and killed all of them. He became a Lt. . Jonah moved back to Blackwater as a Capt. in the lawmen buissness. Ivan, his father was a well known outlaw in this oart of the West. So Jonah took one of the posters and went to the hideout. He killed all of the younger gang members. Tried to kill Bill Williamson but couldn't do it. Javier and John ran off to Manzatta Dutch, Ivan and Bill ran off to a near place to them. One day Dutch went nuts. He tried to kill all of them Javier and Bill left John to die. This is when the problems with John ended. He moved back to Chupporsa to live peacefully for 3 more years until 1910... What will happen then TUNE IN TOMORROW! :D

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