Jonah has been camping out in a ditch for 8 days. He is deciding whether he should stay in Mexico and fight with thr rebels or go back to america to find his long lost familly. He decides one night to... go back to America and ifnd his familly. But he thought. It has been a long time since he has seen his mother and father. He also wanted to see Bonnie and her siblings. But he thought, what if they were dead? He would be crushed. He would hav elost his life if they all died. He needed to stay in Mexico for a little while with Jose. The next day, he went to Jose. He asked Jose, " Should I stay with you in Mexico and find the revoloution, or go back to my long lost familly?" Jose said " What does your gut say..?" Jonah thought about this for a second he said that, well my familly hasn't heard from me in a year BUT I am a citizen of Mexico, it would be wrong to bail on his new home! He said " Jose... I am staying in Mexico!" Jose was so happy. Jose then gave him an adress. He said, " Go to a man name Alezandro Grande. " He went to Alezandro. Alezandro was a rebel. He gave him a Rolling Block and told him to wait on a cliff while him and his men attack a small Military Village. Jonah waited for his signal to kill a man named Carlos de Escalera. The signal was to shoot a bucket located on the other side of the cliff. 25 minutes later it happened. Jonah shot Carlos between the eys. It was a sucsees. The rebels conquered new land. Jonah was the reason for this. Alezandro came to him laughing with excitement. " YOU DID IT MY BOY! " said Alezandro. They walked back to their camp. They talked about the next invasion they planned. on Las Hermanas. They planned to have Alezandro sneak in as a military guard. It worked! Alezandro got in and was talking to the captain. The signal was for Alezandro to spill his water. Alezandro knocked over his own water and apologized to The Captain. Jonah signaled the rebels to charge. They took out all the soldiers in a blink of an eye. Jonah then assassinated The Captain. It was another succeses. What will happen next? Find out SOON.

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