After the attack on Las Hermanas, Jonah and the rebels went back to camp. Out of the blue, a man comes out of the bushes screaming " Help.. Help!!! ". The rebels ask the man what was going on? The man tells them that he was shot on a train by Soldiers. He was headed to Las Hermanas. But, he said the soldiers changed the tracks and we went right past El Presdido. All the passangers were dead but him. He was one of the lucky ones. Jonah and the rebels signaled 4 more groups. This totaled them in about 68 men. They went in carriages filled with weapons and dynamite. Jonah and 3 others had to ride carriages into a military camp. Jonah disguised as a soldier, drove into the military camp. Jonah said their shipment of supplies was here. They went in and jonah shot the box in the front which killed them. The 3 others did so as well. The camp was crawling with bloody soldiers. They finished them off looking for the captain of the camp. They found him in a corner of a tent. They hogtied him and took him alive. At the camp, they beat him until he spit out where the men who changed the tracks were. He finally told them " They will be headed for Las Hermanas tomorrow, if you want to catch them you must go NOW! " They stayed at Las Hermanas until they finally came. When they all hitiched their horses, Jonah shot the man in the middle carrying dynamite. It killed all of the near by men. Some of them ran off and were killed by the barricade men. Or they charged into the building and were killed by the men inside. It was one bloody hotel. They decided to set men their and name it their civilization. So Jonah and the men settled their. Jonah, for his service to The Rebellion, was given The Quarters. Jonah said it wasn't worth it. He would be headed back to America very soon. Jonah packed up and rode into America. He decided to settle in Macfarlenes Ranch once again. He reserved a job. He would work his way to find his familly. What will he discover? Will it be good or bad? Find out soon!

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