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I need help with Undead Nightmare!

So alright, lets just get to the point:

1: Is there a way after beating the main storyline in this DLC to play as Non Zombie Marston? Cuz he looks ugly as hell

2: Where the hell is the Unicorn, i need it for a outfit, dont remember the name. I cant find it, but i know it is near Torquemada, but i cant find it.

3:After that Birth of the conversation moment, are there more sasquatches?

4: Where is Famine? (Apocalypse Horse)

5:Why is there almost no pages about Undead Nightmare on this page? Like about the Undeads, The missions, walkthrough about the challenges (Because how the hell am I supposed to kill bears and cougars with a crappy torch?! And 5 flaming zombies in one dead eye meter, im not GOD?)

Please Answer questions in comment like for eexample, this 1: No there is no way bla blah blah

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