I am camping here at the ruined house in Two Crows, it is 8:40 game time. As I am sitting here alone in the cool dark wind staring into the fire that warms me and my home, I begin to hear strange noises. I looked around outside to see where the noise is coming from. I recognise the noise as rustling in the nearby bushes. I further investigate the strange occurences and I find 3 coyotes laying in a triangular formation dead in a large pool of blood just outside the back entrance. I hear a strange growl that starts off soft and grows to an eruptious roar. The growl seems to be a mixture between a bear, coyote, wolf, cougar and horse neigh. As the growling continues more coyotes and wolves show up barking like crazy. They come close to the house and then a big shadowy figure appears on the walls inside the house by the fire. They barking instantly stops and no bodies are found, just blood. There is an enormous flock of mixed birds sitting on the top of the house only to flutter away quickly with each pass of the shadow and then they come to rest again. I heard a woman screaming for help and in the middle of her sentence she is silenced. A similar situation occurs just one hour later (by this time it is midnight) and a lawman is seen running and shooting something. An evil cackle breaks out and I hear him scream in terror and instantly silenced. I am surrounded by some creature and I do not know what or who it is. I am all alone in a public Hardcore Free Roam match. If anybody has any clue what this thing is and how I can kill it please help.

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