I'm so sick of looking through the wiki and seeing all the drama from all of the damned trolls, bitches, little kids and mental fuck ups out there. SHUT UP AND WORK POSITIVELY ON THE WIKI! It's idiots like you guys that are making this wiki and all the other wikis you edit on less fun for the community and lose nujmbers of edittors. I have almost completely abandoned this wiki because of Shit heads talkin crap all the time and it is just so stupid! Shut up and edit positively. And if you have a problem with someone else's blog's that they took time and effort to create and you feel you need to talk to them about it, do so in a calm and respectful manner instead of shouting FAKE, GAY, FAG or any other insulting bull. Seriously guys, I understand this wiki is losing it's spark due to there being basiclly nothing to edit but a good worker FINDS stuff to edit properly. The admins have bassically abandoned the wiki except for Jack and Anon. TNT doesn't do anything and just blocks people and that's it. There are 3 Admin requests that haven't even been replied to yet and it's rediculous. If the three people who requested were accepted we would do a much better job than TNT is right now. Everyone needs to shut up and be nice and respect other people's opinions. The Admins of this wiki have disbanded and the people are dying out. I've seen more action on the Call of Juarez wiki!ZERO 03:48, January 14, 2011 (UTC)

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