Chapter 3: Wolves and War

Chris and Paul now rode valiantly to Tumbleweed to assisst Chris' old friend "Wolf" as no one knew his real name. While they rode Paul had some questions he needed answered.

"Why did you bail me out? You hardly know me." Paul asked.

"I knew your father. Jacob Vakarian." Chris replied calmly but seriously. (NOT MY DAD'S REAL NAME)

"How did you know him?"

"I was in his prospecting team, also one of the guys who is attacking my buddy Wolf is part of the band of thieves that killed your parents."

"Then what the hell are we doin riding so slow?" Paul replied anxiously and forcefully as he spurred his horse three times.

They had just entered Tumbleweed to a site of almost 100 Treasure Hunters assualting the mansion in which windows were boarded up and everybody huddle close together to keep warm in the cold rain and periodically fired out of a crack in the wall. Paul and his team now charged the back of the Treasure Hunters and they started firing their Winchester Repeaters at them.

"SHIT I'M HIT!" screamed one of the Treasure Hunters as they were continuously shot and killed by Paul and Chris. The battle raged on and Wolf finally came out of the mansion and his team started shooting the Treasure Hunters. The fight lasted a good 2 hours and at the end all of the Treasure Hunters were killed and half of Paul, Chris and Wolf's team died. The vultures quickkly gathered for their late night dinner feast off the bodies.

"Chris! I never thought I'd see you again!" Wolf welcomed Chris into his home and turned to face Paul. "Who is the kid?" He asked.

"This is Paul Vakarian, Jacob's son." Chris replied.

"Nice to meet you Paul. Your father was a great man, good with an iron too." Wolf greeted him.

"Got any Coffee and a place to sit down?" Paul asked while holding his left arm which was shot in the battle and now dripping blood all down his sleve.

"Sure come on in. We should all rest up and figure out what we plan to do next." Wolf agreed.


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