So this is the first in a series of journal entries of strange occurences in Red Dead.

November 19, 1910,

I have just cleared out the gang hideout twin rocks. I walked inside to scavenge for any good weapons and upon looking at the door I noticed there was a lot of blood, I walk inside slowly and see blood trails on the wall and on the floor, I open the door to the bed room where I heard strange noises and I see on the bed a walton's gang member being eaten alive by 3 wolves, I kill the wolves and he coughes up blood and dies. I walked outside an noticed it was raining, I hear lot's of howling and the rain turns to fire. Then suddenly from behind me comes a creature resembleing a grim reaper type figure and I begin to shoot at it with little affect and it vaporises into a black mist in front of me and reappears behind me again. This time it is taken by surprise by some other players and it instantly attacks them engulfing their bodies in a strange black mist and no blood or bodies are seen on the ground after that. It turns to attack me and I am teleported to a large cave system similar to that of Gaptooth Breach. This cave systems walls are bathed in fire and there are pools of blood and fire everywhere, I hear the screams of citizens and an evil laugh in a very low voice is heard ringing throughout the caves. I die by fire and continually spawn in this what can only be described as Hell, and after the 10th time of slow agonizing painful death I return to the bed room in the back of Coot's Chapel. I asked the people where I was and they said my blip appeared directly in the center of Lake Don Julio.

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