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Strange Occurences pt. 2

ZERO N7 November 26, 2010 User blog:ZERO N7

November 26, 1910

I was at MacFarlane's Ranch this morning, early dawn, I was tending to the horses and I heard some chickens in the coop going wild so I went in to see what was the matter and upon my arrival I see a miner, a walton's gang member and a bolard twins gang member terrorizing the chickens. I shot them down and when I turned my back one of them (The miner) stood back up and screamed "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT!" and he started coming after me with a knife and I shot him thinking he would die but he just kept coming, I continued to shoot him multiple times and it wasn't until I had shot him in the head three times that he finnaly died. I shot him in the head another six times with my revolver while he was on the ground to make sure he wouldn't get back up. My friends said that I was shooting at nothing and they heard no voices but when he had hit me it had done damage.

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