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Hold it right there, outlaw!
This article is littered with spoilers, so I reckon you might ought'a mosey on down the road if you don't want to read any plot details.
Vincente de Santa
Rdr vincente santa (better)
Nickname(s) Captain De Santa
De Santa
Gender Male
Location Town of Escalera in Punta Orgullo, Nuevo Paraiso
Affiliations Mexican Army
Agustin Allende
Raul Zubieta
Javier Escuella
Quique Montemayor
Weapon Cattleman Revolver
Voice Actor Hector Luis Bustamante

You come to my country - my poor, little country - and you think you can be friends with the president?

Vincente de Santa

Captain Vincente de Santa is a major character and later an antagonist featured in Red Dead Redemption.

With the addition of the Myths and Mavericks DLC pack, De Santa is also a multiplayer character model that may be selected in the "Revolution" section of the Outfitter.


De Santa is a captain in the Mexican Army, serving under Colonel Agustin Allende.

Ambitious and unprincipled, De Santa knows that he is fighting a war, and he has to win as the rebels have placed a price on his head. He will do anything for the Army and kill anyone that tries to stop him. De Santa is portrayed as a cruel, abusive, and sadistic man. Regular he personally participates in the slaughter of civilians that support the rebels and willingly kidnaps women to satisfy the sexual appetite of his commander, Colonel Allende. He is also a vicious sycophant, who is not above sending competitors on suicide missions for personal gain; he even makes a man dig his own grave before shooting him. Despite Allende's abuse or perhaps because of it, De Santa seems to genuinely admire and look up to Allende, seeing him as a savior of the Mexican way of life. He is also portrayed as a homosexual. In several missions, he is seen looking flamboyantly at Quique Montemayor, a waiter, and can be seen with his arms around him later in the game.

Interactions Edit

Red Dead RedemptionEdit

De Santa works alongside John Marston after his first visit to Escalera, sending him on various tasks, oftentimes personally helping John do these tasks. John learns to dislike him, seeing how most of the tasks involve burning down innocent peoples homes, and capturing young women to give to Allende and other soldiers. John also obviously hates the idea of a dictatorship, seeing how he fought against governmental control. De Santa tries having John killed a few times, sending John on many missions with incompetent soldiers against large armies of rebels.

Eventually, De Santa betrays John by claiming that the Mexican Army has captured Javier Escuella and Bill Williamson, and insists they are being held in the church at Chuparosa. However, upon reaching said church, John is knocked unconscious by a rifle butt to the head. Upon coming to, he is on the ground, his hands tied behind his back. As he is about to be executed, a lone bullet, fired by Abraham Reyes, whizzes through the air and prevents a seemingly imminent death. In the confusion, a large group of rebels attack, covering John's escape. Rushing over to Reyes, John has the ropes binding his wrists cut, and hurries back to get his weapons. Unfortunately, De Santa has escaped, and is running back to the safety of Escalera. In the Luisa Fortuna mission, "Captain De Santa's Downfall", Luisa explains that De Santa was sent to oversee a massacre in Sepulcro. She asks Marston to ride out with a group of rebels and finish him once and for all. Sure enough, John (with the help of his rebel friends) quickly dispatches all the Mexican Army soldiers before beating De Santa to a bloody pulp. Under intense interrogation, the brutalized De Santa tells John that Javier Escuella is hiding at Casa Madrugada. In the end, It is the player's choice whether to kill the captain or leave it up to the rebels. If you choose the second option he will be shot by the rebels and left there to rot in a pool of his own blood, despite the fact he has been beaten so severely he already looks like a corpse.

Captain De Santa's information about Casa Madrugada turns out to be a final lie, as only an ambush of Mexican soldiers awaited Marston.

De Santa's grave is to the far left of Sepulcro when the player enters from the side facing Las Hermanas.

Undead NightmareEdit

Rdr undead vincente de santa

During the mission "Mother Superior Blues", the player will be asked to clear out Sepulcro. Once the coffins have been burned and most of the Undead cleared out, De Santa will emerge from his grave. As he rises, he will mumble, "Mexico loves you, Mr Marston," in an eerily distorted voice. The player must kill or otherwise disable the Captain to complete the cemetery you can kill him or hogtie him up to you.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Red Dead RedemptionEdit

Undead NightmareEdit


My country is in pain, John Marston. Terrible pain.
Vincente de Santa speaking to John Marston
I am the government, or what is left of it.
Vincente de Santa
This isn't America, Señor. We are poor. Kindness must take a different form.
Vincente de Santa
The peasants are stupid and like cows they can be herded. It only takes a few men to move many.
Vincente de Santa
Go get drunk! Go get a woman! Enjoy life! It's a beautiful struggle!
Vincente de Santa to John Marston after taking Torquemada from the rebels
If my men are dead, the rebels will all die, if they're alive, they have failed me, and the rebels will all die!
Vincente de Santa
Mexico loves you, Mr. Marston!
Vincente de Santa talking to John Marston
You are the better man.
Vincente de Santa when injured
Please, I am begging you.
Vincente de Santa when injured
El nombre es Colonel Allende, ahora cavar su tumba maldita arriba. (The name is Colonel Allende, now dig your damn grave up.)
Vincente de Santa before killing a rebel in Sepulcro
Marston ya hijo de puta! (Marston you son of a bitch!)
Vincente de Santa
If you kill me I will sent the entire Mexican Army after you.
Vincente de Santa threating Marston


  • "Tu fin ha llegado, ¡Pendejo!" (Your end has come, asshole!)
  • "No sabes con quién estás tratando." (You don't know who you're dealing with.)
  • "' ¡Van todos al infierno!" (You all go to hell!)
  • "' ¡Ríndanse!" (Give up!)
  • "' Eres mío, ¡Hijo de puta!" (You're mine, son of bitch!)
  • "' ¡Estás muerto!" (You're dead!)
  • "' ¡Ya basta cabrón!" (Stop it you bastard!)
  • "' ¡Te voy a hacer pedazos!" (I will smash you to pieces!)


  • His uniform is completely different to that of Espinoza and the rest of the Mexican Army. This means that de Santa is an officer in the Mexican Cavalry. The lack of spurs on his boots indicate the former. His uniform is similar with Allende's uniform (except in the rank). This confirms that they both serve the same military force.
  • The burgundy color of his shoulder patches signify he is some sort of general staff, meaning de Santa is Allende's in command right hand; de Santa is responsible for the administrative, operational and logistical needs of its unit and supports and advises his commander Allende in running.
  • During his first appearance, de Santa mentions that "he is no soldier, but beholden to his time". Although he could be simply joking.
  • If the player kills him, he will be counted as a civilian kill.
  • It is possible that de Santa is bisexual. There are scenes hinting at a relationship between him and Quique Montemayor, a waiter. In another cutscene, he is seen caressing a woman.
    • His relationship with the waiter is hinted at in the first cutscene with De Santa, where Quique Montemayor gives John and de Santa a look of longing and desire. In the same scene, as Quique goes to serve de Santa, one of de Santa's guards whispers in another guard's ear and they both laugh, possibly alluding to how obvious de Santa's sexuality is. In another scene, when he is bringing women to Allende with Quique, the two leave with arms around each other. Espinoza also says that he flirts with the bar boy.
    • When you first meet Abraham Reyes, John tells him he is looking for two men, and Reyes replies with, "You have been spending too much time with Captain de Santa." After de Santa's death, Reyes remarks that "a lot of young boys will sleep safe in their beds." This indicates that de Santa may've been a pedophile.
    • During a mission, Allende calls him a Mariconcito in Spanish, which roughly translates into "queer".
    • In a conversation with Victor Melendez, Victor comments about de Santa's cowardice, claiming he'll only attack when a man is on his knees. John comments, "He'll do a lot of things when men are on their knees," further alluding to de Santa being a homosexual.
    • Contrary to other evidence, the bartender at the Escalera saloon says, "Lo que dicen de de Santa con los hombres es pura mentira." This translates to, "What they say about de Santa with men is a pure lie." Additionally, he says, "Capitán de Santa es muy machote," meaning "Captain de Santa is very macho." Both could be interpreted as regarding rumors of his homosexuality.
  • He has a hostile rivalry with Espinoza. Both are constantly insulting each other and both feel they are Allende's right-hand man. de Santa describes Espinoza as a dog (they) release from time to time," while Espinoza describes de Santa as a maid that Allende cannot have sex with.
  • He actually has a lazy eye. If you look at his picture below, you can see it. It is not as noticeable as Eli's, however.
  • His name translates to Vincent of Saints.
  • In the Blackwater Ledger; it is reported that he died at age 34. This reveals that he was born in 1877.
  • He is the only antagonist from Red Dead Redemption to make an appearance in Undead Nightmare.
  • If the Undead Nightmare DLC is installed, de Santa's grave is present in Sepulcro even before his death, this may be a programming error or a glitch.
  • In Undead Nightmare his tombstone reads, "Hombre Tierno, Soldado Feroz", roughly translating into "Tender man, fierce soldier".
  • He is the only character you can kill twice: in Red Dead Redemption (where you can choose to shoot him) and in Undead Nightmare.
  • If the player leaves the rebels to kill de Santa, Victor Melendez wilk indicate that the rebels prefer (or would have preferred) that John killed de Santa himself. This is possibly because, while de Santa was cruel to the people of Mexico, he had personally betrayed John, and so, in their eyes, John's vendetta with him would've been much more personal.
  • He has the same last name as Michael De Santa, a protagonist of Grand Theft Auto V, another Rockstar game. They could be related however, as De Santa could be the surname of Amanda as Townley was Michael's.
  • It is odd that de Santa is the one to be the boss in Sepulcro, when Bill Williamson was more of an enemy to John Marston and was killed in Nuevo Paraiso.
  • There is only one mission were de Santa uses a horse as his only transport, being The Demon Drink.
  • When talking about Colonel Allende, his subtitled dialogue appears as "Coronel". This is because in Spanish 'Colonel' is written as 'Coronel' and it's a full tittle, not separated words: Coronel Allende.
  • One of his quotes, "If you kill me, I will sent the intire Mexican Army after you," would be impossible to do due to the fact that he would be dead.
  • Right after the mission "Captain De Santa's Downfall", if you go back to Sepulcro, you will find that De Santa's grave is marked with another person's name, implying that it is too early for him to be burried. However, it's possible that the Mexican Army dug up Dolores Falcon and placed De Santa in the coffin, and had the tombstone remarked.


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