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Game Red Dead Redemption
Type Health boost
Obtained by Skin an animal *
Restores your health when eaten.

–In-game description

Vittles are a consumable item that can be found in Red Dead Redemption.


Vittles restore health when consumed, and they are identical in use as Medicine and will regenerate around 80% of max health. As with all other Consumables, they can only be used in single player.

Vittles can be made from almost any type of animal. Birds (chickens included) are the only animals which don't provide Vittles, as the player only collects their feathers and does not skin them for their meat. Although one can procure Vittles from small animals as well as large animals, occasionally smaller animals may not yield Vittles while larger animals always do.

Whats more, obtaining Vittles does not prevent one from also harvesting the animal's pelt, flesh, or other collectible goods. These items are still added to the player's inventory as usual and are, of course, able to be sold at stores. However, Vittles cannot be sold in stores, as they are a consumable item.


The player must reach Legendary rank (Rank 10) in the Single Player Master Hunter Challenges before Vittles can be obtained from skinning animals.


  • The word vittles is a misspelling of victuals, which refers to food supplies or provisions, based on the correct pronunciation of the original word.
  • The only other free medical substance is Tonic, which can be made by Legendary (Rank 10) Survivalists.
  • Vittles look like beef jerky.
  • Vittles are the only kind of food obtainable in the game that the player can eat.

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