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For the Mythical creature in Undead Nightmare, see War.
War Horse
RDR WarHorse Screenshot
Vital statistics
Name War Horse
Breed Horse
Color Silver/black
Speed Fast
Health Very High
Stamina High
Location Paid download
Special dark brown horse with a white mane. Faster and stronger than normal.

–In-game description

The War Horse is a horse in Red Dead Redemption available as a paid download, with certain pre-order incentives, and with the Game of the Year edition.


The War Horse is black with a platinum mane. Its stamina is equal to that of the Kentucky Saddler and its speed is nearly as fast as the American Standardbred, giving it the highest overall statistics of any horse in the game.


Red Dead Redemption - Warhorse(00:21)
The War Horse - Provided By GamerSpawn
BrainsbeerAdded by Brainsbeer

The War Horse was intended to be exclusive content; codes to "unlock" the mount were provided to buyers of the Limited Edition and through various pre-order incentive programs at certain US and UK retailers.

The War Horse, along with other pre-order content, was released in 2011 as DLC on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, for $0.99/£0.79 or 80 Microsoft Points.

The Game of the Year Edition, released in October 2011, includes the War Horse along with all other available DLC.


Once purchased, the War Horse can be made the player's mount by opening the Inventory at any time and using the Deed under the Consumables tab.

When playing the game in hardcore mode (featured in the Game of the Year edition), the deed for the War Horse must be purchased from a General Store for $10,000 ($5,000 with honor or fame) before it is available to the player.

  • In some cases, when playing the Game of the Year edition, this will be the first horse given to the player by Bonnie MacFarlane.


  • The War Horse can be seen in the Outlaws to the End co-op mission "The Kidnapped Girl", where two of the bandits will ride one into Ridgewood Farm.
  • If the War Horse was acquired via a pre-order code, then the horse can be used in Undead Nightmare as well. If the War Horse DLC was purchased, however, then its deed does not appear in the player's satchel in Undead Nightmare.
  • The War appears to be a Rocky Mountain Horse, a multi-purpose breed popular for it's chocolate coat and flaxen mane/tail.
  • The War Horse's health is 3X that of a Ordinary Horse.
  • Cougars and Bears can kill the War Horse with 3 strikes at full Health, opposed to One strike with a Ordinary Horse.
  • To earn the First Expert Hunter Outfit's First challenge. Kill the War Horse and Skin him Repeatedly. The War Horse weighs a lot more than a ordinary Horse, making it easier to get 5000Ib of Meat.
  • The only way to get the war horse in multiplayer is by editing a save file or glitches.


War Horse Bug
2nd War Horse bug being shown.
Ramb1402Added by Ramb1402
  • Sometimes a second War Horse might appear after a rare bug that involves a NPC "stealing" the player's horse, but instead of running away with it, this one will stay still. Note that for this unusual bug to happen two NPCs would stand together next to each other doing nothing and when the player goes near them, one of the two grabs the horse. Whistling will cause the horse to buck off the NPC. After that the NPC will grab the horse again, but this time after whistling the horse will ignore the player, as if the NPC is now the owner of the horse. When grabbing the horse again (will be considered as stealing) and whistling, a new horse of the same breed will come. This has been observed on the southern road of Mercer Station and in Tesoro Azul and Alta Cabeza in the middle of the four mountains, or in Blackwater with a lawman.(PS3LogoXboxLogo)
  • There is a second way to duplicate this horse and any other horse. During the quest Love is the Opiate you are forced to break in a white stallion. If you break the stallion and then ride War Horse back to the owner with the stallion lassoed then during the cutscene both the quest giver and the stallion will be invisible. After the cutscene, War Horse should be standing next to you however if you do not get onto this horse but instead whistle for your horse, a new War Horse will appear with the first one still standing there. This new horse will still have the same stamina as your old one. It's is likely the game simply switched he model for the stallion with that of War Horse. (PS3Logo) confirmed.


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