The weapons in Undead Nightmare are mostly the same as in Red Dead Redemption, with a few exceptions.

Repeaters Edit

Revolvers Edit

Pistols Edit

Rifles Edit

Sniper Rifles Edit

Shotguns Edit

Thrown Weapons Edit

  • Tomahawk - Acquired by saving Manzanita Post
  • Fire Bottle - Acquired by saving Thieves' Landing
  • Dynamite - Acquired by saving Gaptooth Breach
  • Undead Bait - Acquired during the mission "A Cure for Most of What Ails You".
  • Boom Bait - Acquired by completing the Survivor mission "Biographies and Lies".
  • Holy Water - Acquired during the mission "Mother Superior Blues".

Melee Weapons Edit

  • Torch - Acquired during the mission "Curious Tales from Blackwater".