Go to hell!
Wesley Allen

Wesley Allen is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


He can be encountered as an enemy at the Tumbleweed gang hideout,.

Wesley may also be seen during the "Treasure Hunter in Need is a Treasure Indeed" random encounter, in which he, along with another criminal, tries to rob a Treasure Hunter. The player may choose to help the Treasure Hunter or wait for Wesley to kill the Treasure Hunter, but regardless of the player's choice, Wesley will fire upon the player if spotted. He can also be seen in Tall Trees at a campsite with another criminal; they will either ignore the player or shoot on sight.


I'm going to call you Mary from now on!
Wesley Allen during a gunfight
Your new name is Mary.
Wesley Allen during a gunfight
You dirty son of a whore.
Wesley Allen when bumped into
Marston, You're lucky I like you.
Wesley Allen when bumped into
I'll leave you still!
Wesley Allen during a gunfight
I got the drop on you!
Wesley Allen during a gunfight
Watch it, boy.
Wesley Allen when bumped into


  • Wesley looks similar to Americus Roe, however, Wesley wears a green jacket rather than a duster coat and he does not wear a hat.
    • Furthermore, Wesley's likeness is displayed on Roe's wanted poster. Wesley himself does not have a bounty.

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